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Quack AMJ and her cohorts exposed – YouTube LiveStream | #AutisticMomsRise

FB Note from Emma Dalmayne, Autistic Ambassador, UK: emma-dalmayne2

Please speak with us tonight against charlatan and opportunist AMJ

Please pm me or Fiona your details Google hangouts.

Scheduled for Mar 7, 2018

Amanda Mary Jewell intends to appear with fellow quack Robert J Morris on the quack conspiracy radio show Out of the Bag hosted by Irish conspiracy quack Sean Maguire.

They intend to abuse, harass and threaten my family and others.
Amanda has sent hate blogs to my children in the last 12 hours and published directions my family home along with a long list of twisted slander.
We will be telling all about Jewell with input from past victims former colleagues.

Please read latest expose of this charlatan.



More About Amanda Mary Jewell :

Bogus British doctor who preys on desperate cancer patients at tropical retreat is ‘loved-up’ with dead patient’s husband…



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