#ElmoMom Reports Autistic Activist To Office Manager To “According to the law” & Advise Efforts, CCs PoliceWatch@Autism.com, Feds, FBI Watchlist

Autistic Activist Message To IBA:

Yep, I commented on this page  

Yes I didn’t ask her to delete my comment and engage me privately nor did I check any box allowing her to engage me privately. She got my full scorn …then she thought I cared what more she had to say, so told me if I wanted people to listen to me, I’d watch my language!

More scorn…then threats from her including police and fbi she had at the ready to handle all her critics.

Message from Whitney Ellenby #elmomom

51SmlVLi30L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_**************, you are entitled to your opinion and while I would have liked to discuss this with you, I don’t engage with people who curse and hurl insults because it’s unprofessional and unproductive.

I wish you the best and encourage you to state your opinion clearly to be heard, but avoid personal insults if you truly want to engage.

I’ll continue to do the same, Whitney


Autistic Activist:  I told her to fuck off with tone policing me . . . 




***********, you just legally crossed the line with your language.

I am an attorney and had authorities ready and waiting for comments such as yours.

I have forwarded, copied and turned over your emails, hashtag and identity to authorities copied above who are tracing your identity and location, and intend to take appropriate action.

Officer Manger, please feel free to act accordingly under the law and advise me of your efforts, thank you. – Whitney


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