#ElmoDad Responds To Autistic Activist as Loser Russian Troll | #AutisticMomsRise Are Like WTF?!


You will not get (as you do not deserve) my initial well-thought out message to teh surname, Kaelan.  BTW, I saw all of the SPAM you sent me and deleted them ALL without looking at a word of what I’m sure was 100% garbage.

Goodbye forever.  Hahahahaha!!!

  “************, I just looked at your “blog”.  And yes, I put that in quotes as I now doubt virtually all of what you say and doubt whether you are even autistic – just an angry, hateful troll on the internet, probably Russian for that matter.

You (and your small band of followers) do not deserve my, Whitney and especially Zack’s time or energy. 

You don’t care at all about him (as you claim to). Do not waste your time reaching out to me or her ever again and I’m now sorry I even wasted my time last night to write you a well-reasoned message that will never sink in (as you couldn’t care less about Zack or any other autistic person for that matter, just you and your “Alex Jones”-like crazy, heartless following).

You cannot and should not be taken seriously by serious people; what you write and spew is truly garbage as you do not take the time to understand humanity – I tried but will not and cannot be successful with someone like you who is so convinced she is right that she does not look at any other side or opinion (or real humanity, for that reason).

Fool me once, shame on you…..you will NEVER fool me twice. 

I have absolutely no shame for (and will always be very proud of) all we have done to raise a boy who has more character in one fingernail than you will ever have.  KR.”

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