#ELMODad is just like WTF? Spewing Russian, German, Learning Disabled, Trolls Slurs- Other Words That Make No Sense — At Autistic Activist | #autisticmomsrise

This was really fun for me! You are, of course, 100% wrong. You’ve lied all of the way through, as a Russian or German (given your address) or Polish Troll, I expect no less. Autistic….nice try. You are supporting the wrong causes and you have abolutely no idea what you are talking about, as I always suspected.

It is you, not me, who are dangerous, trolling the way you do, you should be ashamed of yourself. Not thorough in your thoughts, sloppy in your research, working off of make believe facts, and, of course, not thorough in your analysis – actually there is no analysis. All of it flawed and wrong – actually just dangerous and idiotic (you and the rest of your trolls just playing on the internet). Serious people are dealing with serious issues. You are neither serious nor clever…..but it was fun to torture your pea-sized intellect.

I don’t care about how long you have been online (or offline, for that matter). You are clearly uncaring and are neither thoughtful nor careful, and it is an embarrassment that you dare to use the word “activist” to describe yourself – I’m sure you’ve never earned that.

Ralph Nader is an activist; you are nothing. If our precious Zack had to rely on people like you (with your horrible judgment), he would have a much steeper climb: instead of what he is today — a partially verbal autistic who is truly leading a happy life. One thing is for sure, he will be much happier than you could ever be as you live in your Russian/German trolling world adding no value to anyone or anything.

Keep blogging though, it’s helping our book sales. Thank you. Adios, amigo.


Husband of Whitney Ellenby, author of “Autism Uncensored: Pulling back the curtain”




3 Replies to “#ELMODad is just like WTF? Spewing Russian, German, Learning Disabled, Trolls Slurs- Other Words That Make No Sense — At Autistic Activist | #autisticmomsrise”

  1. I have to say, for a supposedly caring father, #ElmoDad sure seems quick to whip out the insults that trigger some of the greatest fears an autistic person could have – namely, “you are nothing”. As an autistic who was abused in special ed, I have to say, there is no greater fear for me than being a nothing, insignificant, unworthy of anything good. And that man has the nerve to sling that barb at Kaelan?

    No, he is not being respectful, not one bit. And he’s being completely illogical too – why would Russian trolls enter the neurodiversity arena? That arena isn’t one that directly makes the laws – it is a civil rights movement, which is politically significant, but not in the way that gets entire other countries involved in trying to sway the balance. No, if Russian trolls were anywhere, it would be to directly influence elections. And since they push cold-blooded politics agendas, the neurodiversity movement would simply not be important enough for them to do anything to help or harm it. It is important to us, vitally so, but unless the neurodiversity movement is something a government can directly and officially wage war against, which it isn’t, it makes no sense that Russian trolls would play in our sandbox. Period.

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