#ElmoDad Calls NAZI and “Alex Jones” on Autistic Activist — WTF? #AutisticIlliteracy Much? | #AutisticMomsRise

51SmlVLi30L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Russian Trolls (like you) who send thousands of messages will never be able to stop great humanitarians like us (I was away just now as Zack and I just had a 15 minute hilarious giggle session — he is such a happy boy/young man – you would never know).

Whitney was with us too. This is the truth – like the Allies (me and Whitney) overwhelmning the Axis and the Nazi’s (you all) in World War II, good (us) will conquer evil (you) and eventually (as what happened with the majority of the German people, most of you will come to understand our humanity and our greater message of caring and love.

A few (neo nazi movement) will never care about humanity and only hate. Ultimately, those are just a very vocal minority – don’t be those hateful folks.

They never win in the long run.

We will win because truth and love always conquer lies and hate.

And I know that the comments eminate from a very, very few of you zealots (I call them “Alex Jones” crazies) who only will make us stronger.

Alex Jones loves Trump too. Truth will carry the day in the long run. It always does.


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