Addressing Concerns About #MeToo — Blind Injustice

I found this quick little guide to a few concerns the #MeToo movement may have brought up (to hug or not to hug, that is the question!) to be useful.  I wanted to note that I’ve been on both sides of the issue: having made unwanted moves on someone in a moment of confusion on one hand, and having been harassed and raped on the other.  I think open and honest communication is key, and that can be hard to do.  Hope this helps!

I know people who have supported the people who’ve decided to post #MeToo and the people who are #MeToo but are too scared to post it. I’ve known people who’ve used this as an opportunity to reflect on their own actions and see how they may contribute to a culture where so many people are […]

via Addressing Concerns About #MeToo — Blind Injustice

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