📢 Tell Congress to #FundMFP! đź“˘

More people with disabilities are living in our communities than ever before – but many people who want access to their communities remain trapped in institutions. Money Follows the Person (MFP) is a federally funded program that has helped over 75,000 people with disabilities move out of institutions and into our own homes. But the funding has run out. Congress still has a chance to save MFP–but we need your help. Tomorrow is a National Call-In Day to #FundMFP – make sure your Members of Congress hear from you!

Nearly every state participates in the MFP program, and it has been hugely successful in helping people leave institutions, enter the community, and obtain home and community-based services. But in 2016, federal funding for MFP expired — and states are running out of money for the program. In response, states are starting to scale back their MFP programs, and some are on the brink of closing them down entirely. Last year, for the first time in recent memory the number of people transitioning to the community declined.

Congress can extend funding for MFP by passing a bipartisan bill called the EMPOWER Care Act – and their best opportunity to do that is to include it in the Omnibus Spending Bill this month.Join tomorrow’s call-in and tell your Members of Congress to #FundMFP! You can find their contact information at contactingcongress.org. Here’s a script you can use:

Hello, this is [First and Last Name]. I’m a resident of [Town, State].

I am calling to express my concern about the expiration of the Money Follow the Person (MFP) program. MFP has enabled over 75,000 seniors and people with disabilities living in institutions to transition back to their communities. MFP is fiscally responsible: it has improved the quality of life for thousands of individuals while saving states money. The program expired over a year ago. States are already having to scale back their programs, and without funding, many states may eliminate their programs entirely.

I am asking [Member of Congress’ Name] to pass the EMPOWER Care Act and reauthorize Money Follows the Person through 2022 as part of the March 23rd Omnibus Spending Bill.

Thank you for taking my call!

[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: Leave your full street address and zip code, so they count your call.]

[Optional Add On]

Talk about why Money Follows the Person is important for you or someone you know and love.

Need more scripts and tips on calling your elected officials? Check out our factsheet for help.

After you’ve called in, there’s more you can do to save MFP:

  • Contact your Members of Congress on Social Media. Use #FundMFP, and tag your members of Congress in posts about why The Empower Act matters during our social media day this Thursday.
  • Email your Members of Congress.
  • Fax your Members of Congress. You can use the same script as you did while calling.

Community integration is a civil right, and it’s one that every single disabled person should have access to. Let’s show Congress that when it comes to protecting the rights of our community members, we stand together.

Autistic Self Advocacy Network

PO Box 66122

Washington, DC 20035


Source: 📢 Tell Congress to #FundMFP! 📢

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