About | Who are The Autistic Cooperative?

Colloquially known as TAC, The Autistic Cooperative was established officially on November 3rd 2017, 

by Kieran Rose,

Kieran Rose, United Kingdom

an Autistic Advocate and Activist, Writer and Speaker  from the United Kingdom.

 & John Greally,

John Greally, New Zealand

an Autistic Advocate and Activist from New Zealand, and co-founder of ASAN AUNZ, ASNZ and Âutistic ûnion.

The Autistic Cooperative was created in an attempt to pull together Advocacy groups and individual Advocates from all over the world.  Advocates often working in isolation, Advocacy groups working towards the same goals separately and repeating ground already covered in other countries.

Kieran and John saw the need for Advocates to begin networking, supporting each and working together internationally, and tentatively began discussions with experienced members of the Autistic Activist Community in a bid to provide a little unity across the planet. 

 Not to pull people into line or dictate what to do, but simply a network of like-minded Activists and Advocates.

The Autistic Cooperative does not exist to replace any regional or national Advocacy groups, but to provide a hub through which those groups can connect, that solo advocates can connect.

There are no hierarchies, no cliques, just Autistics.

The Autistic Cooperative follows the Ten Principals of the Âutistic ûnion and also the Autistic Charter or Rights and all members must agree to accept to follow those Principals and promote those Rights in their work.

All members of The Autistic Cooperative work on many differing levels of Advocacy and Activism, but all members are noted for their considered debates, creativity, sense of justice, wit, faith, morality, humanity. . . and most important of all, belief that Autistics should have our own voice.

Each Advocate knows best their own culture, each knows what they’re standing against and how much support they need.

There are currently a large number of Advocacy groups from across the world represented, alongside individual Advocates from over 30 different countries covering every populated continent.


Early and notable co-founding members include:

  • Luciane Hatanadi, Brazil
  • Fae Wren, Mexico
  • Emma Dalmayne, UK
  • Eve Reiland, USA
  • Matt Bevan, New Zealand
  • Maqqi Mucoi Amolngatti Âû, EIRE
  • Christa Holman, USA
  • Fiona Clarke, United Kingdom
  • Hannah Quinton, United Kingdom | FB, Instagram
  • Liisa Andrews, Canada

The Autistic Cooperative Mission

1.) To build an International presence and Autistic network and community.

Bringing together Advocates and Activists and working together to establish relationships and support the spreading of the message of Neurodiversity and Acceptance for Autistic people.

2.)  To expand and grow The Autistic Cooperative network.

To pursue ways of proactively engaging in Advocacy in an Autistic and, most importantly, a united way.

3.) Create a Partnership Network

Autism Speaks permeates its way into the lives of all Autistic people and has and continues to have a direct influence on people all over the world.

As an organisation and as an influencer they are a problem that belongs to all of us.

Being ready to fill the vacuum left by A$ when it topples, by using it as an opportunity for Autistic leadership in every sphere where groups like A$ are present   – a Partnership led by:Autistics, then Parents and Family members and then Professionals, Educationalists and Funders.


The Autistic Cooperative can be contacted via The Autistic Cooperative Facebook page.

Or by contacting:

Kieran Rose | Facebook, Twitter 

John Greally | Facebook, Twitter 

Eve Reiland | Facebook, Twitter , Email 

Or by contacting The Autistic Newsfeed



TAC welcome pack.pdfversion

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