#AutismSpeaksFail | So Finally, Bob Wright says, “No Ties To Vaccines?” Um, Forgets To Highlight Other #AutismSpeaks Miserable Failures & Horrendous Cultural Influences



No shit. You’re daughter created that spin “not like my child” and you had an entire family war over if vaccines were the cause or not.

And oh hell, what’s today? February 28. The Day Autistics Wear Black. Why? The Day the Wakefield Report was Published. 

Dark day for us – dark day in Autistic history.


Your goal was to eradicate us. Not scientists, not autistics – your incredibly powerful family, your NBC conglomeration and power network, and all your star-power friends decided what science and needs the Autistic community had — and failed so fucking miserably in your greed and ableism. You have created so much suffering with your “help” it’s criminal.

Nice how Bob Wright’s micro-expressions were grimace, disgust and holding back his words in the video? No worries, they sent out Robert DeNiro, to do the dirty work and re-introduce the entire “is it the vaccines?” argument with classic 2007 tones. (Nice touch with “Rainman” there.)

Robert De Niro on anti-vaccine film controversy: ‘Let’s find out the truth’

The Tribeca Film Festival now is celebrating its 15th year and founders, actor Robert De Niro and producer Jane Rosenthal mark the occasion with an interview on TODAY. De Niro, who has an autistic child, comments on the decision to pull the anti-vaccination film “Vaxxed” from this year’s lineup, even though he says, “I think the movie is something that people should see,” and he questions statistics on vaccine-preventable diseases.

Now they’re piling on the pity party thick ahead of “The Month” – you know where we all fight, or cringe, or hide to live to tell about it – @AutismSpeaks Awareness month.

So – the machine is gearing up for their big donation drive ($$$ in name of Autistic advocacy? hah.) and launched with a pity party mom fest – Using parents, again, to gank the green, via their emotions and love for their child — and highlighting tragedy of parenting an Autistic. 

Of course, when #ActuallyAutistic activists speak up, we’re shooed for not being kind and considerate to this mother.  It’s Autism Speaks and Today Show being unkind – marketing on the back of her fears to create a public interest story with sympathy for their Autistic cause — without ever actually letting these parents know, they will be failed. That when the time comes and their child really needs their activism and support for a better life – utter fucking failure, isolation, prejudice and hate. That’s what’s coming.

Autism Speaks will fail their child. Autism Speaks is crickets for us out here dying by suicide, the #1 early death for Autistics. They don’t care about us living – and silence us for a possible genetic help in the future.

Spark For Autism’s Response to Autistic 

They don’t care that we suffer now. We’re homeless now. Incarcerated as care now. Turned away from psychiatric emergency help in times of suicide ideation. Why? Because they don’t know how to help us. No training ever went out to mental care professionals for Autistics. No training went out for Crisis Intervention Training with Law Enforcement and First Responders.

So, yes, many times Autistics in a life-crisis are sent home to die because hospitals don’t know how to help us. Many times Autistics die by untrained police filled with misinformation on AutisticsInformation generated by Autism Speaks.

Autism Speaks has been around since 2005 – where’s the help? Where our are Autistic suicide prevention programs? Our basic right to healthcare and mental health care? Our storytelling pieces to break the stigma of being Autistic, and support of our civil rights movement? Where is Autism Speaks right now for the Autistic people?

That’s right. Pushing for donations for genetic research, silencing Autistics and creating a new wave of hate aimed right at us.

They love us when we make them money.  When Autistic kids, stop being adorable or pitiful money makers, that transitional age Parents of Autistics learn they have no help. No help coming. And no cure either. Billions and billions that could have created a structure of support, care and lifetime services went to fund a media’s family idea of what they thought Autism was – and created a giant debacle of Hollywood Autism.

Then Autism Speaks purposely list Autistic abilities as a miracle or a failure. And they rob hope from parents at the same time promoting their autistic kids can be anything like Tesla. Yeah, minimization from the start so anything is possible – and then don’t lose hope! Why do you parents let an organization steal their hope so they can pay to get it back? I don’t know.  

But no matter.

Stop it. This a bucket of slop.

Worried about what will happen to your child after you die? You ought to be. Because it’s absolute fucking misery. Why? No such thing as lifetime supports for us — we’re out here floundering and it doesn’t matter at what age we did or did not speak. It doesn’t matter if we still shit our pants at 15 or have those bits under control.

Autism Speaks does nothing for Autistics lifetime care, health & wellness, suicide prevention, or any damn thing that might make actually living Autistic reasonable.

Autism Speaks will do what they always do, gank the green and run. 

So OMG, WTF are we to do? Without Autism Speaks who’s going to  . . . .

Wait, don’t panic. There is actually organizations out there than help Autistics right now, and every day.  Helping Autistics with independent living, disability rights, and housing services support are —  Independent Living Centers (ILS). And guess what – They love having Autistics on their boards, and even have a program where we can learn how to participate. (Eve Reiland, RICV Board Member since 2014 – Fresno, ILS) They’re incredible advocates. Pretty badass in disability rights too, eh. Like super badass.

So want to help Autistics with lifetime supports? – keep your donations local and help your community Autistics and their familiesDonate to your local ILS. 

Autism Speaks only provides the idea of hope through genetic research. They make Autistics alive now suffer without services/support or systems of care. They robbed our communities of actual Autistic support, created a toxic environment for Autistic kids, and forcibly mute adult Autistics at every turn.

Help Autistics – not Autism Speaks. They only dedicate 4% back to your family services — and mostly in brochures you can be mailed.

Not good enough. We all deserve better than Autism Speaks “advocacy” and failure.



The co-founder of Autism Speaks and former NBC chief speaks about his new book.

Source: Autism Speaks co-founder Bob Wright: No ‘tie’ between vaccines, autism

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