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SPARK for Autism | DNA Registry Collectors Use Autistic Community for their gain in Ads


Look who’s trying to look like they’re with us — and absolute false advertising — they know for a FACT we are not with them in any manner. Fakers. I’m blocked from commenting or doing stuff on their pages — they no like me 😦 And where do you think Google is getting the dna info from for the cloud. These folks.

Theyre planning something special for the autism awareness month. They are using ASD and co-opting our language. THey are fully aware of our stance. FULLY aware and yet use us anyways.

and in case you don’t know the trail

Autism Speaks = UC Mind Institute = Spark = Google MSSNG Cloud.



SPARK aims to gather DNA from 50,000 individuals with autism and their family members. Here’s a little genetics lesson for you.


By Eve Reiland

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