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Black History Month is a time for celebrating the achievements of, recognizing the history of, and acknowledging the disparities still facing the African American community. In a mental health context, we should also recognize it as a call for action. Stigma, socioeconomic circumstances, and a lack of cultural competency among providers are often to blame for African Americans being left behind in regards to comprehensive mental health care. We at NAMI California are addressing these challenges head on, but also appreciate the role family, faith, and social communities play in mental health healing in the African American Community.
African American Mental Health Resources

Historically, enslavement, lack of economic opportunity, oppression and cultural bias have led to high poverty in the African American community. These factors can lead to homelessness, incarceration, and substance use problems, which increase…

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Each Mind Matters Black History Month Collection
Black History Month, celebrated in February each year, is a time to recognize the central role African Americans have played in U.S. history, and to recognize and celebrate their achievements.
Your Stories: Kimberly D. Holmes
“I was quite happy to get the diagnoses, but I was confused and didn’t know what to expect in my life going forward. I took my medication as prescribed and managed to live for a few years symptom free. It took me many years to find my acceptance. Not until I spent five months in jail and one month in a state mental institution did I begin to accept my illness. However, in an intensive outpatient behavioral health program I learned that I could find peace and a sense of normalcy in my life. “
NAMI Contra Costa County Event, “A Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Faith Based Training for the African American Community”
NAMI Contra Costa County has partnered with Contra County Behavioral Health Services to bring faith leaders, elected officials, providers, and community members together for an event centering the mental health needs of the African American community. “This training was birthed out of the African American specific Each Mind Matters funded project,” says Gigi R. Crowder, NAMI Contra Costa County Executive Director and event facilitator. ” Everyone in attendance will be given the green ribbons and hear about this community defined faith based, mental health stigma reduction campaign.”
Contact Gigi Crowder at for more info on this event.
Introducing NAMI California’s Represent Recovery Initiative
Represent Recovery is a reflexive initiative calling for a paradigm shift in the way we view mental health in diverse cultural communities. It aims to serve members of underrepresented communities while centering their voices in the overall mental health movement.

The Need For Legislation Against Autism “Cures” | AIM & National Autistic Society Meeting

TRIGGER WARNING: the video contains talk of autism cures, abuse and threats of violence.

The fight against the use of so called autism “cures” is ongoing. Some parents are doing whatever they can to “purge” their children of a neurological difference. For four years Emma Dalmayne, of Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM, has trying to raise awareness of the terrible harm these quack cures can cause. For a very long time, our National Autistic Society in the UK has been seemingly reticent about getting involved directly.

On the 15/2/18, Emma Dalmayne met with Jane Harris and Sarah Lambert of the NAS—she was joined by fellow autistic advocate Kieran Rose and Richard Mills, of AT-Autism. They went with one burning question: would the NAS agree to back legislation against autism cures?

For more information, you can watch our interview with Emma Dalmayne here:
Read a Guardian article about the so-called “Miracle Mineral Solution” (MMS) here:

Sara would have loved to attend this meeting, but couldn’t due to poor health. We wanted to at least help spread the word about this significant moment in autism history. Listen to the full meeting below.

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