I’m Good Because I Explore My Deepest Anxieties Through Journals & Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes — PEERS

Catherine Edgerton is a self-identified queer multimedia artist who explores mental health through books, drawings, and stained-glass kaleidoscopes. She gifts her journals and kaleidoscopes to those struggling with mental health challenges, loss, or addiction. She is part of the Art Asylum, a collective in Durham, North Carolina that builds tool-kits, crisis prevention / intervention strategies, …

I’m Good Because I’m Breaking the Cycle of Stigma in My Family and My Community — PEERS

Patrick Anderson – Community worker / Member of Black Men Speak and Pool of Consumer Champions (POCC) Describe your background. What was your upbringing like? I was raised in North Richmond. My mom was a registered nurse and a single parent. My dad was a marine corps boxer. He also used to be an enforcer …

Thoughts Like Gunpowder – jake allen sharp

Flags fly half-staff half of the time Half of this nation is out of their mind living locked and loaded and willing to die mamas and daddies all gather and cry Thoughts like gunpowder ignite in the… Source: Thoughts Like Gunpowder – jake allen sharp

Depression & Dave Chappelle – The Bipolar Writer

What? Yeah, I know the title sounds like click bait but I assure you it’s not. (well maybe a little.) This isn’t necessarily an easy topic to tackle and I will do as much as my perspective and insi… Source: Depression & Dave Chappelle – The Bipolar Writer