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A glimpse into my photography — part 2

So  here’s part two of my blog about my love of taking photographs, particularly photojournalistic portraiture: people, couples, and groups during un-staged moments, oftentimes but not always in nature.  I’ll feature a few of my favorite images and encourage others to share their artwork in the comment section!
My last blurb was written in a moment of frustration when sitting still to read and write had become extremely difficult for me since I was in the middle of crisis-stabilization after a major mixed-episode had left my p-doc without the option of treating my ADHD with stimulants.  I’m just barely being re-introduced to small doses and am hoping my mania stays at bay, although my delusional thinking has a tendency to linger even after the big m word has subsided.

Thankfully, today I don’t believe that other people can hack my brain and look through my eyeballs (I really hope that got a little laugh from those who’ve been there and can find some humor in all the madness)!…so, without further ado!, here are a few of my favorite captures over the years:

photojournalistic portraits05

photojournalistic portraits06

photojournalistic portraits07

In the spirit of divergent expression, I’m just throwing these out here without any lengthy explanation into the pieces (as you may be able to tell, the first two are from a series) — if anyone has any questions, comments, or would like to share their artwork on here, please do so in the comments section!  All images copyright Ashli A. Moore!

Thanks for listening and looking! ❤


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