New releases from Walker Books to look forward to

Little Hux Tales

Since my blog and poor internet connection conspired to swallow this post in the recent past, this is two weeks later than it was supposed to be. But ho hum, technology full of weasels can only get me down for so long. I was very lucky to get a spot at the Walker Books young adult preview evening for 2018. You might have caught my live tweets during the evening, but I thought I’d go into more detail here about the books in order of release date.

Settle down, because this is a multi-media presentation including several high quality book trailers. Fancy. Okay let’s go!


First up was How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather, pitched as Mean Girls meets The Craft. The Salem witch trials takes the centre stage in this teen drama, plus creepiness and swoony romances and I am extremely here for this. We were reliably…

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Goodbye Perfect by Sara Barnard | 1 Minute Reviews

Little Hux Tales

It was obvious that I was going to love this book. If you’re not familiar with Sara Barnard, let me assure you that she is a powerhouse of UKYA. Barnard’s contemporary novels rank as my favourites up with Non Pratt and Alice Oseman, and I’m always blown away by her characterisation.

Goodbye Perfect is no exception to the successful streak started by her previous books Beautiful Broken Things and A Quiet Kind of Thunder, confirming that Barnard is firmly cemented as one of the UK’s greatest YA authors.

Goodbye Perfect follows Eden McKinley, the “troubled” girl with average grades and a bit of a reputation. Eden and Bonnie are best friends who tell each other all their secrets, or so Eden thought. When the police suddenly appear at her house after Bonnie’s jokey messages that she’s run away, Eden starts to realise that Bonnie is gone… and she’s left…

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On meltdowns

The Misadventures of Mama Pineapple

Someone asked me on Twitter the other day – an autistic person who doesn’t experience them – what it feels like to have a meltdown. It’s not a subject I especially like talking about – I’ve attempted to write about it several times on this blog, got frustrated, and given up.

This past week, I had one of the most distressing, disorientating, debilitating meltdowns I’ve had for quite some years. Three days after it happened, I’m still exhausted. But the immediacy and severity of this recent experience gave me the language to tweet a thread about how it feels (for me at least), and it appeared to be something others found useful, so I’m expanding that string of tweets here, so it may reach a wider audience.

Bear in mind here, every autistic person’s experience is different. The following words do, however, give an illustration of what a meltdown is…

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A Clear Mind For Now

Poetry Of An Aspergian

Clearing my mind

by putting more in it

an empty mind can be had

by anyone, by any way

and I’m already tormented enough

when push comes to shove

and I think I’ve given enough

I think

about how others like me

before me

never gave up

made excuses

but channeled an inner strength


but the greatest

and suddenly, I’m climbing the mountain

and I see the summit

I see all the ones before me

in the resting place

they’ve been here for centuries

but their gratitude never waned

and now one more is welcomed

one more

what a blessed day

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