White Lies: When the fear of being labeled a racist becomes more important than the existence of actual racism


Racists cloaking for racists is as American as apple pie and it’s why racism is still a real issue in our country today. Many in white America have an intense fear of being labeled racist because they know there can be real repercussions. Racists are generally seen as bad people with no credibility or redeeming qualities. Nobody wants to deal with them much less make a deal with them, hence the current “#TrumpShutdown.” If only these folks could get past the label, acknowledge the issue, make changes and move forward. I can’t stress enough racism isn’t just about being mean. People benefit from racism and they want to continue to benefit. Since racism has it’s benefits, there is no real incentive to not be racist or even to end institutional racism.

How many of you are pretty sure Senators Dick Durbin and Lindsay Graham heard Trump’s “shithole countries” comments loud…

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