Autistic Meltdown Is Not Really Where I Lose Control, But Where I Seize It


tractor_trailer_snow_headon_315x210 For me, autistic meltdown feels like seizing the steering wheel from someone who is about to drive us head-on into a truck. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Despite how it might seem to others, and speaking only for myself, autistic meltdown is not really where I lose control, but where I seize it — wrest it like a steering wheel from the hands of anyone who seems to be driving us head-on into a truck.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, it’s perfectly okay if you disagree with me on this point. To be clear: I am only speaking for myself in explaining autistic meltdown in this way. Of course, if you do disagree with me, I invite you to tell me so either in the comments below or privately via my contact page. I really would like to know how my own use of this term compares to that of others…

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