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woman with painted faceThe Meh-nopausal action continues… And while it might not seem all that exciting, just you wait… 😉

Over at Auptima Press, we’re talking about the whole process, especially starting with perimenopause (peri- means before… menopause means the ending of menses, the monthly hormonal and tissue recycling that so many of us know and — cough, cough — {don’t} love).

Perimenopause is the natural transition that your body goes through before reaching “official” menopause (which is defined as 12 consecutive months without having a menstrual period). During this process, your hormones begin to fluctuate, and these changes can play a major role in how you function and feel.

So, take note, all you women and men who are affected by women’s cycling… oh, wait, that would be all of us. Perimenopause is a natural transition, meaning it’s what happens as part of the natural course of women’s…

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Re-Blog: Chief Wahoo, a Purple, Bobble-Headed Jesus

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Originally Written: 10/5/17

When I was a freshman in high school, my assigned senior mentor was Rick.

Rick was one of the more popular students, and when we met, somehow he heard me say my name is Mark and not Mike.  Even when I finally got up the guts to tell him he was mistaken, he ignored me and kept calling me Mark.  Because of his mistake, I became Mark to him and his friends and it bothered me every time they called me that because it wasn’t my name.

I’m guessing that’s just a fraction of what it feels like every time we call a Native American an ‘Indian’.

American History 101 Fact: Columbus just plain got it wrong when he showed up here – he thought he was in the Indies (Asia).

Wahoo - 2

He did to those natives what Rick the popular senior did to me and instead of…

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