A glimpse into my photography — when mania, ADHD, and dysgraphia get in the way of blogging, part 1

Right now I’m feelin’ like: It’s no fun to be on the spectrum while you’re bipolar!

After a long period of relative stability — or what that looks like to me, since I’ll live with mental health diagnoses and learning “disabilities” for life — I found myself spinning into mixed-mood psychosis in July of last year.  After a few hospital stays, during which I was abused and traumatized, as is appallingly so oftentimes the case, I have found myself trying to claw my way back to “productivity” in blogging on Eve’s site.  But without medication that helps with my ADHD symptoms (they have, understandably, been discontinued for the time being while I sort out my mood state) it’s more often than not difficult to sit still and read and/or write.

With that bit of background, I come to one of my many passions: photography: particularly, photojournalistic portraiture.  Here are a few of my favorite captures over the years.  I hope that other people out there struggling with reading and writing problems may be encouraged that oftentimes when words fail, images speak.

photojournalistic portraits10

photojournalistic portraits08

photojournalistic portraits09

All images are copyright of Ashli Moore.  Please feel free to comment and share your own stories and artwork!  More to come…  : )


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