Forced Socialisation (and the toilet-door graffiti that saved me from it)

Queerly Autistic

I found this graffiti today on the wall of the toilet I was locked in to do my ‘calming down’ checklist. More toilet graffiti should be this pure-hearted. In that moment, it was incredibly helpful and made me smile.

But why, oh why, was I locked in a toilet doing my ‘calming down’ checklist in the middle of the afternoon?

Two words: forced socialisation.

To be more specific, forced work socialisation.

Now, it’s not that I don’t get along with my colleagues – it’s not even that I won’t or don’t enjoy socialising with them (meals, leaving drinks and a whole Christmas party will attest to that not being the case). The problem lies in the forced element. The fact that it was not of my choosing, and I had no control over my own boundaries.

I knew that the day itself would be difficult. But I was prepared for…

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