Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses – Review

Ever The Crafter

I don’t think anyone would argue that looking at screens all day isn’t so good for our eyes. For me this is amplified by my illness. Bright lights are difficult for me and within about ten minutes of looking at my phone screen (on the lowest brightness setting) I start to get a headache. Last year whenever I went on my phone I would wear a pair of sunglasses which meant I could go on my phone for about an hour or so before a headache started building.

Well a few weeks ago this happened :

Photo 11-01-2018, 2 38 18 pm

I may have left the glasses on my bed and then leaned on them. They snapped and I was irrationally heartbroken about it. (I get very attached to my things, okay?) especially considering I had about three other pairs of sunglasses lying around but they weren’t the right pair!

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The legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., will live on forever, however, this legacy should no longer depend on his relatives


I think we are at a point where we need to stop looking for the King family to be leaders in the civil rights movement going forward as their focus appears to be on elevating themselves and continuing to profit off of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. Their commitment to the movement other the years has been scattered and schizophrenic at best.

The family’s response to Donald Trump’s comments in an Oval Office meeting about immigration, where he referred to a series of nations as “shithole countries” and questioned why the United States was not welcoming more people from Norway as opposed to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries were pretty pathetic.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s son says his father would be “incensed” by President Trump’s “shithole” comment yet thinks something good can come from this. Sure.  Let’s throw around empty, pious cliches while the future of 800,000 “Dreamers”…

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Walk Beside The Creek

Jake Allen Sharp

I walk beside a shallow creek

The broken steps of the meek

I hear the water on the rocks

Cascading down as I walk

The air is cool upon my face

I look around at this place

I see a line of leafless trees

Like my lifeless memories

I walk beside this winter stream

The path of a broken dream

Footsteps of the weak

Echo up from the creek

I walk along and I find

Things that were left behind

What is it that I seek?

As I walk beside the creek

Like skeletons from the past

Things that were and didn’t last

Leaves frozen on the ground

I listen to the cracking sound

As they crumble under my feet

My emptiness feels complete

Empty and cold and gray

Like everything has gone away

I walk beside this winter stream

The path of a broken dream

Footsteps of the weak

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Satin Sheet Lullaby

Jake Allen Sharp

Go to sleep, close your eyes

Tangled in your web of lies

Make your bed of alibis

Your satin sheet lullaby

The story has been told

It is not new its very old

A woman’s heart, so cold

But a beauty to behold

So now it plays out again

Worse than original sin

Poison kisses on my skin

A game that no one wins

A temptress of the sea

Why do you torment me

You think that I don’t see

I know what you’ve done to me

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Autistic Adventures In Ageing (an obligatory birthday blog)

Queerly Autistic

According to the laws of time progression, I am now 26 years old.
I had intended to write a birthday blog on my actual birthday (Saturday), but unfortunately the universe decided to give me a taste of my ‘closer to 30 than 20’ future – I twisted my lower back whilst walking the dogs and spent my birthday weekend laid up on the couch.

With my upcoming transition to the second half of my twenties, I was already set on doing an introspective piece on where I am with my life and the intricacies of aging as a queer autistic woman. The ‘you’re not as young as you think you are’ nature of my current injury only reinforces that this is a discussion I would like to have.

I have a nasty habit of comparing where I am at 26 to where other people are/were at 26. This is an…

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Day 16: My Motivation of 2018 – So Far

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

My Motivation of 2018

It’s been a great start to my year. I am working towards small and big goals. Each day I get a chance to check off things on my list when things get done. It makes me feel good. It’s the little things in life.

My first week of school was good. It got through some early worries and though statistics can be overwhelming at times, it’s a learning process. But its something I can continue to work on. t’s only one math class I have to take for my degree, might as well soak up as much as I can. My literature class is great. I get to read short stories of amazing authors and write about it? That is the best thing a writer can do.

Last year was a tough time for me, my anxiety was out of control and I would end up in…

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