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THE BIOHM AUTISM MICROBIOME PROJECT | Marketing Genetic Research for Autistic Eugenics/Treatments on Non-Autistic Parents Pain & Fear


I am incredibly excited to announce the most important undertaking in BIOHM’s history.

BIOHM was founded on Dr. Ghannoum’s seminal microbiome studies analyzing the way various health states are impacted by the microbiome.

In one of his most famous microbiome studies, Dr Ghannoum discovered how bacteria and fungi work together to devastating effect in Crohn’s patients (Here’s a link to that study:

Since launch, our microbiome sequencing testing, the BIOHM Gut Report, has generated more data than the entire NIH Human Microbiome Project. (Here’s a link for more information on the BIOHM Gut Report

As a result, we’ve made microbiome sequencing simple and affordable for people across the United States, allowing them to access their personal microbiome data for the very first time.

But today, we are taking BIOHM’s social mission to the next level, with the launch of the BIOHM Autism Microbiome Project.

It is well known in the scientific literature that among the non-neurological symptoms associated with Autism, gastrointestinal issues are exceedingly common. Imbalance in the gut’s microbiome has been implicated in playing a role in Autism.

It has been theorized that the microbiome may play a role in Autism pathophysiology, since the gut’s microbiome makes critical contributions to metabolism and maintenance of the immune system, along with playing a key role in the central nervous system.

While there have been a few studies analyzing the microbiome’s connection to Autism, to our knowledge, there has never been a study beyond a few dozen participants.

That has made it difficult to build a data set with enough power for researchers to make true breakthroughs in conclusively understanding the microbiome’s role in Autism.

We hope to change that.

Starting January 11th, 2018, we will leverage BIOHM’s microbiome sequencing platform to begin the largest Autism microbiome sequencing study that has ever been undertaken.

Our goal is to sequence 25,000 children diagnosed with Autism.

If we are successful, it will not only be the largest Autism microbiome study ever conducted, it will be the single largest microbiome sequencing study that’s ever taken place.

In addition to allowing parents to understand their children’s microbiome data, and how it relates to levels normally found in the gut, we will also make the entire study’s anonymized data (without any personal data) available for free to the Autism research community.

Our hope is that a microbiome data set of this magnitude will allow researchers to start to unlock the mysteries of the microbiome as it relates to Autism.

We want to make this study available to as many children diagnosed with Autism as possible.

To that end, Dr Ghannoum and I are personally sponsoring 50 children to be enrolled in the BIOHM Autism Microbiome Project for free.

BIOHM will also sponsor an additional 50 children to be enrolled for free.

On January 11, 2018, we will be posting a page with a simple entry form for parents to apply to receive one of the 100 sponsored spots.

Additionally, we will be offering parents with a child with Autism the ability to secure one of the remaining spots for $80. That is $100 off our normal sequencing test.

We will also donate all profit from the BIOHM Autism Project Microbiome to Autism research foundations chosen by participants in the study.

The study will be capped at 25,000 participants.

We will formally open the portal for enrollment next week.

If you would like to know when the portal goes live, just comment “BIOHM Research” below and we will message you when it goes live.

You can also go to our site for updates, at

Importantly, this is an open source research project to help parents and researchers understand the makeup of the microbiome in children diagnosed with Autism.

It is for informational purposes only and is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of Autism.

Dr. Ghannoum and I truly believe that BIOHM’s social mission is to further our collective understanding of how the microbiome is tied to our health and wellness.

We are so humbled at the opportunity to work with the Autism community in bringing this to life.

Thank you,

Afif Ghannoum

Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum
Chief Scientific Officer


Posted this message, which was removed, on their message board: (Eve Reiland):


These studies also put our autistic genetics in their registries and the cure for autism is finding a genetic marker to assess autistic possibility and provide abortion.

THIS is the autistic cure they want your kid’s genetics — Autistic parents of Autistic kids, we’re fighting to protect our children and all autistic children and families from participating, unknowingly, in the extinction of Autistics going forward.

This is a very real issue, we’re fighting a ticking clock. Australia is already talking about “risk” factors and prenatal screening. Activists from the Down Syndrome community have reached out to Autistics asking to be allies in this fight.

They simply don’t have the numbers anymore and the vitriol directed to them is horrendous. They are told their parents should’ve aborted them and list all the reasons why their a burden on society and not worthy of living.

Autistics are horrendously treated once they aren’t money makers for companies like Autism Speaks, Spark and their other opaque research agenda.

To note: the term Autism Mom and Autism Parent and Autism Family came directly from Autism Speaks. They have used this culture creation to erase my Autistic woman and Autistic mom to Autistic kids identity — swapped it out with their version of Autism Mom. Even sell capes to denote how superhero. Seeing that is humiliating as an autistic.

Autistics were expected to be a word in a history book after genetic discovery. Do you want your children to never exist? That’s the cure.

The other is a humanity euthanasia. Autistics already suffered that — and our people, and disabled people, were used by nazis in Aktion t4 to cleanse the race of burden and low-quality humans. Aspergers defined a line doing what he could to save as many Autistic kids he could.

The Autistics that couldn’t be saved this way – died in a gas chamber. This process was the blueprint for the oncoming holocaust. My people were the model used.

Autistics were used — our delineation of high-functioning and low-functioning was created by Hans Aspergers trying to save as many Autistics from the gas chamber he could.

Protect your kids dna heritage from future autistic rolls. We’re not #betterdeadthandisabled. This racial cleansing straight from the playbook of Aktion t4.

Just marketed with more stuff now — but the base terminology is the same.

Please understand parents, there is a culture clash between autistic and non-autistic parents of autistics. Please, The Autistic Cooperative is trying to hard to build bridges, we need to help ALL Autistics RIGHT NOW.

The death clock is ticking. even if you don’t believe it. I do. This is why I fight so fucking hardwe have a right to live. liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Autistics are a people with culture, community and a history. This has been denied to other autistics and their parents. Our autistic community has been denied to them as well. Why?

We’re great money makers until we start having opinions and then, Autistics are treated like devils and worse.



By Eve Reiland

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Abandoned ethics for profit; part of why I don’t share my data as a scientist. There’s plenty of money to finance eugenics research, and very little for ethical and logical analysis where autism is concerned. And Down’s Syndrome. Humans haven’t evolved beyond leaving the infant to die in the woods if they’re different. Most still believe this is mercy. Sigh.

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