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Is Europe A “Shithole” Continent?


It’s only fair to ask since many Americans feel a need to justify Donald Trump’s “shithole” remarks

If Haiti, El Salvador and African countries are “shithole” countries, Trump should at least apply this same logic to the numerous European countries many European immigrants have migrated from. Let’s be honest here. Many people share Donald Trump’s sentiments about countries which house most of the world’s black and brown people. Thus calling Trump the racist he is would force them to confront their own racism. They simply don’t wish to do that. Racism is largely fear based. It’s also a powerful tool and is much too beneficial for many to just lay aside for the comfort of others.

Last I checked the white man is not native to America. Were England, France and Spain “shithole” countries? I mean if we measured a country’s “shitholeness” by the number of people who’ve either left…

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By Eve Reiland

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