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I started a series of blog posts sharing some of my favorite music when depression is overwhelming me. It has started a series here on “The Bipolar Writer” I thought it was time to put everything together in one blog post. This series started with a post about my favorite Korean Pop music, an obsession of mine. Here is the entire series of “Music That Changes My Mood.”

An American’s Obsession with Korean Pop

Music That Changes my Mood Mood Pt. 1

Music That Changes my Mood Pt. Two

Music That Changes my Mood Part Three

Music that Changes my Mood Part Four

Music that Changes my Mood Part Five

Music that Changes my Mood Part Six

Music That Changes my Mood Part Seven

J.E. Skye

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Great Metal Albums of 1984: Saxon- Crusader

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My trip through all the great albums of 1984 has led me to make many conclusions about the year, the music and certain bands. Here’s another one. It is my belief that Saxon were the best band from the new wave of British heavy metal, (NWOBHM), age not to have made a major impact in America. Sure, I had heard of them and even heard a couple of their songs back when I was in the marines stationed on Okinawa and liked them, but I never got around to listening to them properly until early 1985 when I heard their classic “Princess of the Night” from the outstanding “Denim and Leather” album on a metal compilation album. While I did make up for that mistake afterwards, I still think that Saxon never really got the recognition in America they truly deserved.

Onto Saxon’s 1984 album “Crusader.” The problem is that…

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When I Said I Wanted Superpowers, This Isn’t What I Meant

Finding Hope

I’ve seen a lot of people make sense of their mental health issues or their Autism or their whatever by saying that it’s given them a superpower: sensitivity to emotions, intense focus, and so on. Despite my love for all things superhero, this has always irritated me and I never really understood why until I talked to my Mum about it. The words just came out and it clicked into place.

For me, it’s too simplistic a concept. At this point in time, I only feel disadvantaged – deprived – by my Autism especially. I’m told I won’t feel like this forever – I know that lots of people feel like it does add something to their lives – but right now, it takes away from my life more than it adds. So it really doesn’t feel like a superpower. If anything, it feels like I’ve suddenly got a superpower…

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