The sun shines in October [autistic creative writing]

the silent wave

Hi my lovelies!  I’m not sure what’s up with my brain lately, but I’m thinking there’s a thyroid issue.

Thyroids these days…

Anyway, I’m sort of kicking back this evening, entering some (very) old creative writing pieces into my creative writing blog (which isn’t always sophisticated and pretty; many pieces come from my volatile adolescence which was…sometimes frightening, but I digress….), and anyway, I came across one piece in particular that I wrote when I was 16.  It describes various aspects of my earlier childhood, in pure, raw form, without any masking at all.  It’s a free-verse rambling session that strings together phrases I used to say, activities I used to have, imaginary friends I used to talk to, and so on.  It’s kinda like a Full Confession, which is what it feels like to me to reveal myself this deeply.  (Spot the undiagnosed autistic girl!)  😉


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