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So, now that we’re clear what you and your friends really think of Autistic people . . . how’s that book selling?

Your words.

Your friends words. 

Made me think of a nail in the autism-career coffin.

Not  my words,yours.

You have behaved in every way a bully to the Autistic community. You are Autistic illiterate, and tragic in the humanity and compassion department.

You have done great harm to my people and community. We aren’t going to buzz off like flies to some other shit pile (though while I find being called a fly disturbing, that you’re friend references you as shit, is weird.I’ve been far kinder we’re akin to bees on a bear.)

Throughout this campaign, many people reached out. Boy howdy, you have really pissed people of fin your life. And are known for not being so … kind

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By Eve Reiland

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