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Judith Newman, Why Can’t We Hear You Now? | #boycotttosiri

So, now that we’re clear what you and your friends really think of Autistic people . . . how’s that book selling?

Your words.

Your friends words. 

Made me think of a nail in the autism-career coffin.

Not  my words, yours.

You have behaved in every way a bully to the Autistic community. You are Autistic illiterate, and tragic in the humanity and compassion department.

You have done great harm to my people and community. We aren’t going to buzz off like flies to some other shit pile (though while I find being called a fly disturbing, that you’re friend references you as shit, is weird. I’ve been far kinder we’re akin to bees on a bear.)

Throughout this campaign, many people reached out. Boy howdy, you have really pissed people of fin your life. And are known for not being so … kind. For being privileged. And a complete bitch, but not the good kind.

(I’m too focused on the Autistic Revolution to slow down for your other drama tidbits. But eyeroll, Lady you are well known for not playing nice.)

Now I already know you don’t like me or my people. But I do want to clarify one thing — we aren’t a trollgorhytmn, idiots, flies on shit, morons, retards, crazy (well I am, but that’s another post), sub-culture of dangerous autistics out to harm all autisticsAutistic Social Justice Warriors, jealous of your platform, coordinated troll attack, malicious, slanderous, or libelous concerning you.

We are Autistic. And we are human.

You spit names at us and for what. You wrote the book. We had a valid response to otherness, hate, stigma and a whole host of other harm.

It’s your words. Yours. Own them.

It’s not your assistant’s fault. It’s not Amethyst’s fault. It’s yours.

Thanks for the haterade so you could make a buck. The autistic community is grateful — because you have helped us show in real time the horror of growing up autistic in a culture of people like you.

I think at one point we were playing AutismMomTM Bingo. Too autistic. Not autistic enough. Not like my child. Not really autistic. Oh you know, it goes on. Predictable as fuck.

So evolve already. Pull the book. Be honest. Stop building armies with your mighty powerful network to lash out on Autistic people, living mostly in harsh poverty, not able to afford to buy your fucked up mommy-vomit memoir — but getting to live under the smear just the same.

And now you’ve tucked tail and are hiding. Nice. (squeak, squeak)

In my ‘hood, that’s what we call chickenshit.

Maybe, go ask your doorman about it. He might have a reality check for your shit.

Nah, he’ll say whatever you want. Your the bitch with money, and opinions said to you are bought with privilege and power. Money and da power.

Until you fucked with autistics. We aren’t impressed with gaslighting tactics.

This is the Autistic Revolution. The Autistic Civil Rights Movement. 

Not a exploitation book sale.

Figured that out yet?

And thanks, for splitting me from any party affiliation I ever felt for the Democrat Party. You are so fucking horrid to Autistics. This is how YOU treat us? FUCK politics. Not a single party hasn’t used Autistics as a prop for a song and money dance.

DONE with that.

Oh yeah, forgot to ask . . . 

How do you like me now?

No worries. We’re just getting started. 😉


Eve Reiland

Autistic Ambassador, Co-Founder of The Autistic Cooperative and supporter of The Autistic Union and International Charter of Autist Human Rights.

OH yes, and in case you get us confused with a Judith Newman Trollgate again —

Here’s who we are. Autistic humans.

And Here’s A Few of Us You Might Have Called Assholes already …

Introducing The Autistic Cooperative.

We are the #actuallyautistic Founder, Co-Founders and Ambassadors of The Autistic Cooperative. Many, many more activists too, but not mentioned here.

Also, we have many Autistics who are “passing” and can’t be mentioned – but they are there, kickass too.

Here is the badass!

>> Meet Kieran Rose (UK) | The Autistic Cooperative Founder, Autistic Ambassador & Incredible Activist

>> Meet John Greally (New Zealand) | The Autistic Cooperative Co-Founder, Autistic Ambassador & Incredible Activist

>> Meet Eve Reiland (California, US) | InternationalBadassActivists.orgFounder, The Autistic Cooperative Co-Founder, Autistic Ambassador & all-around Badass Activist.

>> Meet Matt Bevan (New Zealand – Australia) | The Autistic Cooperative Co-Founder, Autistic Ambassador & Incredible Activist

>> Meet Emma Dalmayne (UK) | The Autistic Cooperative Co-Founder, Autistic Ambassador & all-around Badass Activist.

>> Meet Luciane Hatadani (Brazil) | The Autistic Cooperative Co-Founder, Autistic Ambassador & Incredible Activist

>> Meet Fiona Clarke (Scotland, UK) | The Autistic Cooperative Co-Founder, Autistic Ambassador & Incredible Activist

>> Meet Hannah Quinton (England, UK) | The Autistic Cooperative Co-Founder, Autistic Ambassador & Incredible Activist

>> Meet Fae Wren (Mexico) | The Autistic Cooperative Co-Founder, Autistic Ambassador & Incredible Activist

>> Meet Ryan Hendry (Carrickfergus, UK) | Autistic Ambassador & Incredible Activist- Twitter: @ryanhendry94

>> Meet Christa Holmans (Texas, US) | Autistic Ambassador & Incredible Activist Twitter: @neurorebel

More soon,  #actuallyautistic #theautisticcooperative #redinstead

The Autistic Cooperative FB Group (#actuallyautistic)

Allies of The Autistic Cooperative Group (Seeking Parents, Loved ones of Autistics and other Allies)

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