The Ground Zero of Police Brutality: Refusing To Police Unless Done On Their Terms


Mike Brown. Laquan McDonald. Freddie Gray.

It’s common knowledge American police departments and police sympathizers are very hypersensitive to any criticism of the execution of police protocols. Crime has surged in Ferguson, Missouri, Chicago, Illinois and Baltimore, Maryland, with no chance of slowing down after the massive public outcry from high-profile police brutality cases. Is this a coincidence, diminished respect for the law or is something else sinister at play?

Law enforcement is still a white male dominated profession, which we know has been infiltrated by white supremacists and white supremacist sympathizers throughout the years. These powerful, influential individuals have a real stronghold in our society and are heavily protected by their police unions. They are so used to unchecked, unchallenged discretion at the highest levels that even being questioned regarding their behavior and actions makes them feel “underseige.”

As a result, police have since presented citizens of these high…

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