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Meet the Autistic Ambassadors & Activists | The Autistic Cooperative

kieranroseMeet Kieran Rose (UK) | The Autistic Cooperative Founder, Autistic Ambassador & Incredible Activist

A lifelong campaigner for Autistic rights, Kieran Rose has turned his passion for writing to good use, focusing on Advocacy and Acceptance for Autistic and Neurodiverse people, with his blog

The freedom for Neurodiverse and Neurodivergent people to speak for themselves and be heard is paramount for Kieran, mostly due to the fact that he has spent his whole life immersed in Autistic life and culture with Autism and SPD diagnoses for himself, much of his family growing up and now two Autistic children of his own.

Kieran lives in Durham, England, with his wife, Michelle, where they run their Marketing Consultancy: (With a little help from their three children, Quinn, Albie and Olivia). The whole family all live in a happy bubble of Sensory overwhelm and underwhelm.

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Meet John Greally (New Zealand) | The Autistic Cooperative Co-Founder, Autistic Ambassador & Incredible Activist

I am Âûtistic.

I have an amazing son who is named Luke who is also Âûtistic.

Together we Co-founded Âûtistic Spectrum New Zealand and Âûtistic Union (Âû) just for Âûtistics & Allies.

We live in Upper Hutt at the top of a large glacial valley near the centre of New Zealand, not far from ‘Rivendell’ (as in ‘Lord of the Rings’), and from our nation’s Capital City, Wellington.

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    Eve Hinson | July 2017

    Meet  Eve Reiland (US) | Founder,  The Autistic Cooperative Co-Founder, Autistic Ambassador & Badass Activist

    Eve Reiland is an Autistic activist, speaker, writer and artist. Also the founder of

    She launched the site in its initial form,, in 2016 after an incredibly successful protest, #TheReal5150 campaign. A campaign against institutionalized stigma promoted in grocery stores by an energy drink.
    Today she focuses on sharing her Autistic lived-experience with PTSD, and Functional Neurological Disorder to law enforcement, first responders, and students.
    Eve has been trained by Each Mind Matters and NAMI on advocacy, and how to help break the stigma of living with a severe mental illness. She’s also a current board member for Resources for Independence Central Valley (RICV), a past board member of NAMI Fresno, and Area 8 Board California State Council on Developmental Disabilities.
    Eve is a medicinal cannabis patient and advocate too.
    In her previous life, she participated in the wave of technology that changed the world and loved it. It all began at in 1996.


     The Autistic Cooperative Co-Founders & Activists – More info coming soon.

  • Matt Bevan (Australia & NZ)

  • Luciane Hatadani (Brazil)

  • Fiona Clarke (Scotland, UK)

  • Hannah Quinton (England, UK)

  • Liisa Andrews (Canada)

  • Fae Wren (Mexico)


  • Ryan Hendry (Carrickfergus, UK) – Twitter: @ryanhendry94

  • Christa Holmans (Texas, US) – Twitter: @neurorebel

    This list is just the beginning. Working through it one at a time and will be updating as new bios as they are ready to read. This is a partial list, not complete of all folks — not by any means. Information shared currently is going to be updated as well.


    Autistic Ambassadors are available to help with questions — find them on social media for now. Contact information for reporters will posted soon as well.

    Thank you for your patience as we expand rapidly and work out the challenges.

    Check back! Meet More Awesome People here soon.

By Eve Reiland

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