autism and adulthood: some coping suggestions!

different but not less.

making a list and checking it twice, ten, twenty times over. heres a glimpse into the journey of autistic adulthood. a journey i am barely beginning and quickly learning how intense, and unprepared i really am for it. and some autistic tips to help others in my figurative mind-shoes get the respite and coping skills they deserve.

(sidetone: i am eighteen years old and graduated high school past spring.)

today, i got handed the keys to my first apartment. i fumbled over the nooks of the keys with my fingers, soaking in this moment so i could remember it later. walking around the small, but quaint rooms that now belonged to me…I felt proud of myself, i felt contentment, and i felt intense fear.

its going to be a few weeks until i am settled into my new home and actually living there as i need to deep clean, organize, and…

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