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Judith Newman & Friends Manipulate #ActuallyAutistic Amazon Reviews, at Judith’s Direction. | Plain Text Version (Trigger warning on just everything. ) #boycotttosiri

International Badass Activists

Judith Newman & Friends Facebook Convos Transcript: Facebook “I will have to figure how to do this.” — Friend

“it’s easy. just go to the one star reviews and you will see something next to them that say ‘report abuse”— Judith Newman

“Very easy, I just did it.” — Friend

“Why is someone targeting you? WTF?!!” — Friend


“I just did it — up to page 6. It took all of 12 minutes. Once you see the negative review you will see REPORT ABUSE as a click-able option. Ckicj and then click the NOT APPROPRIATE. Amazon thanks you for your feedback and asks you to close the window. (Right, Judith xo)” — Shiela W.

“perfect!” – Judith Newman

“Done!” – Peter B.


“On it.” –– Friend

“Done. I mentioned that I am a clinical psychologist and that an organized group with a negative agenda is trying dismiss…

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