Autistic Mom to NT Mom – Judith Newman & Eve Reiland FB Chat | #boycotttosiri

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Eve Reiland Eve Reiland I believe as an Autistic Mom to Autistic kids — and a non-autistic kid — when we know better, we do better. I’m not a perfect parent and had my share of struggles. 

The pressures of conformity in parenting are horrid and distressing — something I felt keenly when raising my oldest. Thankfully, I am Autistic and my oldest and I always had an understanding between us that it seems NT might not get? My fight is for autistic civil rights — and to help autistics now. We’ve been left with communities that provide no care for autistic adults. Folks want to know what happens to their kid when they die?

Well, they’re going to suffer. Like we all are right now. Suicide is our #1 cause of death — and here in Fresno, CA they don’t accept Autistics in crisis care at the psych ward…

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