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OMG, STOP THE PRESSES! | Judith Newman “Trolled By A Bunch of Autistic Social Justice Warriors” | This is a Weaponization Tatic! (In the meantime, #ActuallyAutistic send for Waaaahhhmbulance.)



whambluanceI want to ask my friends a favor. Many of you have asked me how you can help me with the Twitter attack on my Amazon page. You can.

Go to the one star reviews placed in the last few days, and hit ‘report abuse.’

They will ask you to describe the issue, and just say what you want, or nothing. Maybe “slanderous” or “calculated Twitter attack” or whatever.

This is laborious so you don’t have to do all of them — just however many  you want. Amazon says it understands what’s going on, and agrees it’s a weaponization tatic, but so far they’ve done nothing.

What you do will help. Thank you guys.


OK, I just got a death threat. Who do you report that to? Police? Gmail?

Yes, but it’s the damn “she’s a eugenicist” on star reviews. 


So, I’m being trolled by a bunch of autistic social justice warriors on Twitter. They are not fond of ‘autism mommies,’ as they call it.

If I told you how it began, you would laugh. But anyway, they are all writing one star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and will continue to, for a few days.

2959595348_8f7d11fa4fThey have not read the book. (no verified purchase, etc).

It’s just weaponizing Twitter I have a beloved friend at Amazon I reached out to, but do any of my FB friends here know fo a way to stop this?

It’s pretty obvious to anyone this is going on since all of these one star reviews are on the same day. If anyone has a number of a person who can help me.  I’d appreciate it.

It’s a little upsetting.






it didnt; start with gas chambers


By Eve Reiland

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3 replies on “OMG, STOP THE PRESSES! | Judith Newman “Trolled By A Bunch of Autistic Social Justice Warriors” | This is a Weaponization Tatic! (In the meantime, #ActuallyAutistic send for Waaaahhhmbulance.)”

While I agree with some of your sentiments in this topic, it’s clear her you’re a bully and taking a great deal of joy in this. It’s reallt sad to watch, especially given your stance for yourself and your family and the hollow anti-bullying statements you pronounce about your life.

This isn’t activism. This is bad karma on blast. And in my experience, if you’re going to sow the wind, you’ll reap the whirlwind.The sorrowful ways you’re dealing with this will just lead to harm for you and yours, magnified. That’s how this works.


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