‘To Siri With Love’ Follows One Boy’s Life With Autism — And His Unlikely Friendship | Here & Now

NOTE | Sharing this article, not as an endorsement, but as a link to Activists to hear the recent NPR radio interview with Judith Newman about her book, “To Siri With Love,” and the Autistic community’s boycott response.

In “To Siri with Love,” author Judith Newman writes about raising her twin sons — one who has autism, the other who does not.

Source: ‘To Siri With Love’ Follows One Boy’s Life With Autism — And His Unlikely Friendship | Here & Now

2 Replies to “‘To Siri With Love’ Follows One Boy’s Life With Autism — And His Unlikely Friendship | Here & Now”

  1. Reblogged this on Fire Bright Star Soul and commented:
    My comment to the radio show and that egg donor:

    ” “My son will do none of those things.”

    How do YOU know?!?

    Excuse you lady, but since you treated your kid as someone who is limited in what he can do, you may actually have emotionally abused him into not being able to do anything at all.

    You do not possess the right to publicly humiliate your child just because you’re his mom. What you have written is NOT “touching”, it is terrifying. It’s not “sometimes horrific”, it’s ALL horrific.

    You just don’t get it. Your writing about this boy’s embarrassing details of life is going to color people’s perception of him for the Rest. Of. His. Life.

    He’ll never be able to erase it. He can never escape it. As for your detestable and Nazi-ish desire to force a vasectomy on him…YOU may think he doesn’t have the emotional maturity to handle fatherhood, but what about when he’s 35 and IS fully capable of doing so? He’ll have to undergo yet ANOTHER medical surgery to reverse what you’ve done to him, and that’s no guarantee that it can be done successfully. So you will have denied him the chance to EVER be a father.

    Then again, with you as his mother, maybe it’s better that at least one branch of your line is eliminated.

    You are so blindly focused on what you think Gus “can’t” do, that you fail to foster an environment where he COULD do so much more than your feeble brain can conceive.

    I can fully see why Gus has such a connection with Siri…the machine treats him better than his own mother.”

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