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Mild Autistic Spectrum Disorder

438px-van_eyck_-_arnolfini_portrait The Arnolfini Portrait
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Being diagnosed with Autism later in life is a very strange experience. Because it hasn’t just influenced my behavior. Apparently, it has also informed my likes and dislikes, my taste in food, my preferences in dressing, and much more. I’ve had a very special relationship with music since a very early age; later in life I became fascinated by early Flemish and German painters (like Jan Van Eyck, who painted The Arnolfini Portrait in 1434).

I like many styles of music. I understand most of it, and I happen to know quite a lot of different kind of music. But the music really I love, the soundtrack of my life, is repetitive music: very early one-note Blues and Worksongs, a certain kind of Reggae, Ravel’s Bolero, Terry Riley’s A Rainbow in Curved Air, Mbira music from Sub-Saharian Africa, Hip hop instrumentals, some…

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By Eve Reiland

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