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Autism Speaks Publishes Best-Selling Hit Pieces (aka Books) To Discredit Autistic Activists | John Greally

johngreallyThat book was seed-funded privately by wealthy A$ folk, to be force-written as the “antidote” to the real clarion call, ‘Neurotribes’ by Steve Silberman.

As each of Steve’s pre-publicity snippets and known penchants became known, were released or ferreted or filtered through, this scurrilous book took to doing a hit-job on JUST those parts, as the funders demanded, frantically searching around for any vile thing to say or make-up, PURE SPIN, not research. No evidence laid out. No access to others for their most essential quotes upon which the books most alarming claims hinge.

The rest, not pre-released, the crappy book left untouched. This is darkness in a book versus light.

Sadly, it half-worked, and still is half-working to undermine. The world would be a better place if someone had done that to Mein Kampf so quickly and deftly, because ‘Neurotribes’ is the opposite of that book, like an anthem to diversity and UnFascism/Antifa for the 21st century and beyond.

Next comes a book by Ari Ne’eman, and already the call is going out for some filth-ghostwriters to prep an undoing for that work, another hatchet job.

It is hard to see the twists and thumps of the battle for headspace among policymakers, parents, professionals and “our lot”, but I assure you it does not happen at Congressional level, or in some bizarre in Casablanca … it happens between the finest minds we can muster and those assassins sent to cut them off at the pass.

Just as we can so easily overlook the harms done to Sinclair, how Dawson got dumped on, how Williams died without much more than a local exclamation, the savagery shown and the burning-out of many leaders and commentators, how Carley got to be so soundly unemployed, etc., we can easily be mouth-taped and propagandized without knowing it, distracted and made to miss every signal event, every break-down we should be at, every cry for focus from those at vanguard taking the blows… the other side SPECIALISE in how to “handle” folk like us you see, not nurture, but placidly pacify, to make their lives easier. It’s what they do, what they believe in.

I accidentally got to watch a group of eight top research scientists discussing how to spread a “Silberman’s tribe of Nazi sympathizers” smear into the conversation as his book hit the stands.

I’d been included in an Academia discussion because some idiot thought I was head of the Einstein Faculty at Yale University, where Dr John Greally researches a GMO cure for Autism, etc. They did this because Silberman preferred the Hans Asperger way over the Leo Kanner way, their way.

Their joint statement, well from 6 of them, ran along the ridiculous lines of ‘you lefties are all nazis, you missed an epidemic unfolding, you missed out cure advances, and still claim it’s a book about autism worth reading?!’ Three-in-one lie.



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