“To Siri With Love” 1-Star Receipts on Amazon.com | French Editor of “To Siri” Screams Trolls! Trolls! Coordinated Trolls! #boycotttosiri

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In good news, the conversation is changing and parents/loved ones of all neurotypes weigh in — and weirdly, the French editor of the book came in to cry Trolls, Trolls, You Coordinated Autistic Trolls!

Coordinated malicious Twitter campaign. 

Disgusting calculated Twitter attack. 

Coordinated reply-copying attack…*eyeroll*

Freyja6 days agoIn reply toan earlier post
You are really only saying that as a friend of the author.
Unfortunately, being her friend, you may not be able to clearly see what others who are not her friend do.

I am not sure I read the same book. I thought this was a beautiful portrait of a family coming to terms with their differences. This book is honest, sweet and funny. There is not one page in this book that conveys anything but a mother’s love for her son as she struggles to understand who he is, what his strengths are and what his limitations are. I loved every page.

Freyja6 days agoIn reply toan earlier post
I did and I agree. Those here who do not agree are only Judith’s friends and family who came on here to smokescreen her critics. That is all. Judith is a big girl and she loves this, don’t worry about Judith. Worry about her poor children!

Imagine if you had actually read the book?

Did you even read the book?
Actually, advocating for the forced sterilization of a person because of his autism is called EUGENICS.

Eugenics? OMG. Coordinated malicious Twitter campaign.

Disgusting calculated Twitter attack. 

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