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Sigh. This Is The Star Support #ActuallyAutistics Get | Where's our Heroes?

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On the 5-star review list is John Elder Robison.

“In this well-written book Judith Newman has expressed some views that are rather at at odds with the set of values and ideals that is taking shape among autistic self advocates today. The result is a very polarized response to the book. Autistic people who recall their own childhoods are horrified at the depictions here, even as non autistic parents of autistic children have praised the book. This shows how strikingly different the lived experience of autism can be from the takeaways of those who only watch us.


“I understand how autistic people find some of Newman’s ideas disturbing – I am autistic myself. But I also understand where her thinking comes from, and if we autistic people wish to change these dialogues, we need to read and understand first.


“For example, the author talks about her autistic son…

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By Eve Reiland

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