Oh No! Here Come The Anti-Vaxxers With Buckets of Haterade | “Stop trying to shed a positive light on a disease caused by poison.”

https://twitter.com/RyanHendry94/status/938414333654192129 "You suggest that perhaps we should stop treating Autistic people as a tragedy and treating us as human beings and some people absolutely lose their shit." -- Ryan Hendry "Because Autism is a symptom of a toxic and poisoned brain and gut! Stop trying to shed a positive light on a disease caused by …

Understanding autistic people | Column | Rocky View Weekly

“Nothing about us without us.” That’s the motto of a large autistic community who feel the way they are represented in today’s culture is unfair at best, and harmful at worst. While the idea of inclusion is certainly welcome, leaving actual autistic people out of the discussion means portrayals of autism end up being woefully …

The virulent #ToSiriWithLove debate – our very own #autistic #zombie movie drama

Autistic Ultra

three zombiesOkay, I’ve had my good night’s sleep, and I’m ready to wade back into the fray. Yes, I’ve gotten triggered in a big way by all the brouhaha around “To Siri With Love”. But that’s not a bad thing, in itself.

I’m of a slightly different mindset about triggers than a lot of people I know. I don’t necessarily avoid them, or think they’re bad things. I mean, the whole experience is sucky, yeah. But that’s an experience I’m having. It’s not the real deal. And depending on my state of mind/body from one day to the next, I can have either an extreme (and borderline debilitating) response to something, or I can be like, “Meh… whatever.” And that tells me I shouldn’t structure my life around avoiding things that potentially trigger me, ’cause, well, just about anything and everything can trigger me, so what am I…

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Maggie Wright (A$) Threatens The #ActuallyAutistic. We better "Tread Carefully. Very. Very. Carefully" | #boycotttosiri

International Badass Activists


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You have no idea what my incredible sister has been through. What her youngest son has to live with. Tread carefully. Very. Very. Carefully.

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Betsy DeVos – Extreme Image Makeover as Champion of Special Needs Children


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Meet Betsy DeVos, Champion of Students With Special Needs.

At least that’s who she’s pretending to be this week.

The wealthy Republican mega-donor who bought her position as Secretary of Education published an article in the current issue of Education Week called “Commentary: Tolerating Low Expectations for Students With Disabilities Must End.”

It was almost like she expected us all to forget who she actually is and her own sordid history with these kinds of children.

Up until now, the billionaire heiress and public school saboteur always put the needs of profitizers and privateers ahead of special needs children.

During her confirmation hearing, she refused to say whether she would hold private, parochial and charter schools receiving tax dollars to the same standard as public schools in regard to how they treat special education students. Once on the job, she rescinded 72 federal guidelines that had protected special education students.

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