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NT-Mom, Judith Newman, Prompts Autistic-Mom, Eve Reiland, to Out Herself. #TrueStory #AIB | #boycotttosiri

Judith Newman refers to Autistics like “Men In Black” (MIB) movie characters – we’re everywhere. This is true. We really are everywhere.

So many Autistics live their lives “blending” or “in the closet,” and refuse to be subjected to even more stigma and diminishment by sharing their neurotype to NTs.

So yes, this theory may have some merit. We are everywhere, and to Autistic-Illiterate NTs, invisible in our communities.

Oh hell, OK, I fully admit: Judith Newman got one almost right. But first, to confirm her theory, I have to out myself to share. I’m doing so right now ( it’s scary, hold me)Autistics are everywhere and we’re connected like MIB.

Problem: Newman got the department wrong — as she does with all things Autistic. I’m with the “Autistics in Black” (AIB).

Currently my suit is at the cleaners. Probably will be able to pick it up today and make this outing complete with a profile photo.  Time to be proud, loud and Autistically visible in hot fashion. Yeah, I can do that.

Want to join? Feel free to swipe these for your own use.



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