Judith Newman Excludes 70 Million Autistic People While Marketing “To Siri With Love” | #BoycottJudithNewman #BoycottToSiri


70 million Autistics around the world and Judith Newman didn’t write her book for the autistic market.

Um, yeah she did. Her Autistic market. Right now “The Autistic Market” is aimed at NT-moms of Autistic kids. Newman wrote for the NT-idea of the autistic market. So when she says she didn’t write for the #actuallyautistic market — she absolutely fucking means it. She never thought about 70 million Autistic people who exist on the planet today. Guess we’re just to avert thine eyes and pretend we don’t recognize hate speech against our people when we see it.

Autistics have been bashed on for years — so you know, now Judith Newman is calling us the fucking thought police. Nice one.

Let me illustrate the NT-version of the socially accepted “Autism Market” and the real Autism market.

Judith Newman is super Autism friendly if you look like this:

autism-awareness-fashion-friday (1)

But not super autism friendly if you look like this …

autistic activists

But if you look like the autistic market in blue — you get this . . .

kiehls responsekiehls-autism-speaks-ca

But if you aren’t that NT-created autism market and are #actuallyautistic . . .


You get this . . . 12c016f9f261d675e89222996f6415b4--the-twitter-autism-speaks

 If we are actually autistic, this is what we actually get . . . 





donation flyer edited

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