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Judith Newman, How Do You Like Me Now? | Eve Reiland #boycotttosiri

International Badass Activists

Dear Judith,

Remember when you were throwing shade at one of my people?


You noted that you could’ve brought Amythest’s work to a wider audience. After a few days, I see that you actually have. So thank you for that.

Judith Newman your book is the Autistic’s #Stonewall. Thank you for that too.

Just overnight, The Autistic Cooperative (International Activists Here) has grown over 100 new members ready to join the civil rights fight for #Autistics — Lotsa NT-parents of Autistics too. We’re all tired of this shit. It’s time to stop the smear of our people in abelist-mommy-vomit books like yours.

For the record:You don’t’ get to dictate the Autistic community’s narrative. You are an Autistic illiterate and have no business inserting your words into our conversation — and then lording your words as more important and not meant for the “autistic audience.” DUH we already FUCKING KNOW…

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By Eve Reiland

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