Judith Newman’s Wikipedia #Autistic Community Update Updated | #boycotttosiri

Judith Newman | Wikipedia Updated: 12.6.17       In January 2014, Newman's essay "Wikipedia, What Does Judith Newman Have to Do to Get a Page?" appeared in The New York Times. In the essay, Newman questioned Wikipedia's editorial policies, including its criteria for selecting and deleting articles, and requested that Wikipedia editors help with creating …

Quite Room in My Mind

Jake Allen Sharp

Quite room in my mind

I shut the door and close the blinds

Find something I can hide behind

In the quite room in my mind

At times I feel I must retreat

Stray cat on a crowded street

I flee from those that I meet

At times I must retreat

The silence drowns out the noises

I sense about a thousand voices

So excuse me, I don’t mean to be unkind

Just let me be, in the quite room in my mind

Judging by the look on my face

You may think that I’m lost in space

Adrift and gone without a trace

Judging by the look on my face

If I say I’m overstimulated

You think I’m not acclimated

To standards socially created

If I say I’m overstimulated

The silence drowns out the noises

I sense about a thousand voices

So excuse me, I don’t mean to be…

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Not Breaking, But Broken

Musings Of An Autistic Mind

girl-1970238_960_720I’m still addicted

to their bodies dancing

in the pretense of love at night

it’s sinful to desire such actions

that strip away morality, security

and life

but that’s me

skilled at little

vain and arrogant in much

tonight I don’t want likes or comments

just some honesty for once

but that’s just me

too weak to give it up

but strong enough to endure till tomorrow

I care about what you think

I care about what they say

and when the replies seem to be ending

the doubt eagerly becomes brimming

inside and alive

seams left unchecked

the internal war is between me

and me alone, direct

to the point

swelling in my joints

I fall to my knees

I’m breaking it may seem

but I’m quite broken

and no one in this fairy tale

even tries to put me

back together

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Air Goddess


Not dainty enough for the boy next door, too much woman for the average man

Detached, not overly emotional, I stepped off before it began

Too smart to be taken by words and aimless dreams

I don’t have relationships just understandings, it seems

I can give love and support but I will not chase

My attention span is short so I tend to move on in haste

I can be among the masses at any time yet belong to no one but myself

Extremely observant, constantly dissecting my surroundings, I put nothing on the shelf

I have a voyeristic curiousity about people from time to time

The adventurous, risky side is obscured by the cool, calm demeanor, I’m

Someone you’ll never know everything about or all my innermost thoughts

Private, prone to vanish, disconnect, sometimes I have to be sought

Out of sight truly means out of mind to me

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Settling into December

Autistic Ultra

path across field and through village to Alps

This is how I’m feeling, right now. I’m actually in a very good space, after having  been incredibly busy for the past few days. I’ve got things some important things sorted out — and that’s taken a lot of pressure off me. Sweet.

I’ve got my back yard all raked and mostly free of leaves. My front yard just needs to be raked, but I’ll be able to do that in another hour or so, when the sun is up and I can see what I’m doing. I got my car inspected yesterday. And I’ve made up my mind about a conundrum that’s been dogging me for several weeks, now.

The biggest “win” was changing my annual physical from next Monday afternoon to this Friday morning. I need to get certain measurements taken, so I can get a discount on my health insurance. U.S. insurers are all into “helping” us manage…

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My Autism is different

Pressed 📝Tes

I am not the good doctor

I am limited with my hands

I am like the good doctor

Skilled to remember things

I have autism similar to him

I have autism nothing like him

He is a character, I am a person though I am warming up to the show

Music comforts me

Meltdowns limit me

Music teaches me

Math stifles me

I am not Einstein numbers make no sense

I am Tierra, Nick Jonas teaches me emotions

I am sort of like Temple Grandin but

I am Tierra, my brain processes learning through music and literature, I do by recall, and I only recall through music, and literature, not so much visual images.

I do not learn by you showing me I learn by a step by step written explanation.

Einstein was brilliant and Temple is beautiful but I am Tierra and my autism is different, the spectrum is…

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