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Thank god my parents didn’t have the Internet, when I was growing up!

I CAN Be Autistic

I’ve been thinking a lot about that Siri book, lately, and it occurred to me while I was driving to work today that if my parents had had access to the Internet when I was growing up, no way would I be able to have the kind of life I have now. My parents were both intensely critical of me, and they complained bitterly to their friends about my behavior, my choices, my demeanor, pretty much every aspect of me that didn’t fit into their idea of how I should be – or especially other people’s ideas about how I should be.

My parents spent an awful lot of time doing social damage control, and using me as a scapegoat, basically throwing me under the bus with their friends and colleagues, when I was making them look bad. So, reading a book by an author with an autistic son who…

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By Eve Reiland

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