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I CAN Be Autistic

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I’m feeling a bit shaky, as I’m typing this. I’ve been going through my Twitter feed, and there’s a whole lot I’m seeing about this … er… problematic book called “To Siri With Love”. I first heard about it a few days back, when a bit of a Twitter tussle happened between the author and #ActuallyAutistic folks. I noted the arguments on each side. I downloaded the free excerpt (I think it’s the first chapter?) and read a bit of it. It was tough to read, so I stepped away from that and did other things to settle my nerves.

Now I’m back considering the book. I got a copy from the library (I’m not going to buy it), and I downloaded an audiobook version from my monthly read/listen service. And I’m going to force myself to wade through it — specifically for the purpose of fixing the parts that…

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