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Mental health diagnoses are not all “bad news.”

ashlimooreI stumbled upon Rebecca’s article about living with schizophrenia and it really resonated with me, especially the parts about living with psychosis.  I have bipolar 1, along with a slue of other comorbid mental health conditions, and have experienced enough psychotic episodes and their often devastating repercussions to know that mental health conditions can seriously impair many aspects of one’s life.   However, a diagnosis is not necessarily all bad news!, as she goes on the explain in her article.   How brave of her to be out about her mental health condition and continue surviving and thriving in such a stigmatized world!

— By Ashli Moore, Divergent Activist,


Mental Health Friday #15 |

When the psychiatrist first told me I had paranoid schizophrenia, she started it off with, “I have some bad news.” I have heard my diagnosis described as, “Every parent’s worst nightmare” and many other almost fatalistic phrases. How are you supposed to feel about yourself when people describe something that is so much a part […]

via Mental Health Friday #15 — Randoms by a Random

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