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Mental health diagnoses are not all “bad news.”

I stumbled upon Rebecca’s article about living with schizophrenia and it really resonated with me, especially the parts about living with psychosis.  I have bipolar 1, along with a slue of other comorbid mental health conditions, and have experienced enough psychotic episodes and their often devastating repercussions to know that mental health conditions can seriously impair […]

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Rhode Island Teacher’s Assistant Charged with Kicking Student in Wheelchair | TIME

The TA allegedly kicked a 16-year-old nonverbal student in a wheelchair (MIDDLETOWN, R.I.) — A special education teacher’s assistant has been charged with kicking a 16-year-old nonverbal student who was in a wheelchair at a Rhode Island high school. The Newport Daily News reports that Stephanie LaRocque was arrested Friday on a charge of simple assault. Police […]

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Letter to My Representatives on the Tax Bill, Education, and Disability

Originally posted on Ryan Boren:
The GOP tax bill shifts wealth upward, removes the educational tools that make it possible to change class status, and harms disabled people. This bill is a class-based war on graduate students. Instead of being taxed on the $15k they make, grad students would be taxed on that 15k plus…

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An Actually Autistic Review of “To Siri with Love”

Originally posted on Ryan Boren: I’m an autistic parent of autistic kids. I feel sorry for Gus, not because he is autistic, but because his primary caregiver is a dangerous and poisonous person who dehumanizes and demeans him. This book is deeply ableist and eugenicist. It is full of ableism and emotional abuse. It…