Mental health diagnoses are not all “bad news.”

I stumbled upon Rebecca's article about living with schizophrenia and it really resonated with me, especially the parts about living with psychosis.  I have bipolar 1, along with a slue of other comorbid mental health conditions, and have experienced enough psychotic episodes and their often devastating repercussions to know that mental health conditions can seriously impair …

Rhode Island Teacher’s Assistant Charged with Kicking Student in Wheelchair | TIME

The TA allegedly kicked a 16-year-old nonverbal student in a wheelchair (MIDDLETOWN, R.I.) — A special education teacher's assistant has been charged with kicking a 16-year-old nonverbal student who was in a wheelchair at a Rhode Island high school. The Newport Daily News reports that Stephanie LaRocque was arrested Friday on a charge of simple assault. Police …

Letter to My Representatives on the Tax Bill, Education, and Disability

Ryan Boren

The GOP tax bill shifts wealth upward, removes the educational tools that make it possible to change class status, and harms disabled people.

This bill is a class-based war on graduate students. Instead of being taxed on the $15k they make, grad students would be taxed on that 15k plus their tuition waivers, which can run to 30k, 100k, and beyond. This tax wouldn’t raise much revenue; students would drop out to avoid a bill on imaginary money, a bill they cannot possibly afford. Forcing people out of graduate school seems to be the true intent. We need folks in school, not excluded due to lack of wealth and privilege. We need the full diversity of Americans studying deeply in their chosen fields.

This plan further punishes students by eliminating student loan interest deductions, forcing students who don’t graduate to repay Pell Grants, and forcing schools to raise…

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An Actually Autistic Review of “To Siri with Love”

Ryan Boren

I’m an autistic parent of autistic kids. I feel sorry for Gus, not because he is autistic, but because his primary caregiver is a dangerous and poisonous person who dehumanizes and demeans him. This book is deeply ableist and eugenicist. It is full of ableism and emotional…

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