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“It’s Okay To Be White?”


Apparently, It’s Okay To Be Delusional Too

I’m just trying to figure out when has it NOT been okay to be white? The premise for assertions white Americans are suffering oppression doesn’t exist. On average, white Americans continue to be the recipients of better income, personal wealth reserves, health, health care, housing, schools than any other ethnic group. White Americans also comprise 90% of the nation’s elected officials despite making up 61% of the total population. But this must be simply due to white people being better, smarter and more hard working than other groups of people? Some of this just couldn’t possibly be the result of institutional racism?

“It’s okay to be white” boils down to this:

White America’s growing anxiety about the browning of America, becoming a minority group and being treated as such is being seen as a real possibility at some point in the future.


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By Eve Reiland

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