Autistic Moments: Autistics Should Be Sterilized

Some Girl with a Braid

Recently, I encountered an ‘Autism Mom’ who wrote that she thinks her son shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. She uses these words: “I am still deeply worried about the idea that he could get someone pregnant and yet could never be a real father – which is why I will insist on having medical power of attorney, so that I will be able to make the decision about a vasectomy for him after he turns 18.” This is Judith Newman, author of ‘To Siri with Love’. (Updated)

She advocates, in fact, for (implied non-voluntary/forced) vasectomies for all autistic men. I’m not sure if she assumes autistic women only have sex with autistic men (in case she reads this and doesn’t know, we are not a separate species incapable of reproducing with neurotypicals), or if she thinks that I too should be sterilized, but men were the ones specifically mentioned. Full…

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16 MUST SEE Memes That Nail What It’s Like To Have an “Autism Parent”

Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance

autismparentmemes (13) Image: A small child with blonde hair and a confused expression on their face is buckled into a car seat.  White text reads: “When your autism parents get pissy with an autistic adult because they are not exactly like you even though you are only four.

autismparentmemes (12) Image is the character Inigo Montoya from the movie “The Princess Bride”.  White text reads: “We are all a little bit autistic.  You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”

autismparentmemes (11) Image is a large crowd of people with black text that reads: “Your parents don’t want to tell you that you’re autistic…..but this many people get to know about your toileting habits.”

autismparentmemes (10) Image: Black text on white background reads: Autistic person writes about how “Autism Parents” treat them horribly: “YOU BIG MEANIE PANTS!” picture to the left is a crude drawing of an angry face

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An Autism Pledge And Minimalist Personal Cards



Just a quick post to keep things rolling…


This, courtesy of Eve Reiland at AmericanBadassActivists,  is #TheAutisticUnion Pledge:

pledgeautisticunionEvery individual pledge has been published on this site, including as of yesterday mine. Mine has also been reblogged on FireBrightStarSoul for which many thanks. I reproduce it below as well:

#TheAutisticUnion Pledge |Thomas Sutcliffe

ThomasSutcliffeI pledge . . .

I pledge to always uphold the principles of #TheAutisticUnion pledge. I believe firmly in every one of the ten points of this pledge.

As someone who is both autistic and branch secretary of the National Autistic Society West Norfolk branch, I am doing my bit to ensure that autistic people are involved in the running of their own welfare/ support organisations.

You can find out more about me on my blog, and also on my London transport themed website

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Autistic Bees

An Intense World

Yes, you read that title right. Researchers looking to prove the sociobiological theories of E. O. Wilson that social behaviors have a deep genetic source have found that socially unresponsive bees have genetic similarities to autistic human beings. Most notably, there were similarities in GABA receptors, voltage-gated ion channels, and heat-shock proteinsheat-shock proteins.

Variations in voltage-gated ion channels are going to affect the speed at which neurons work. This can result in hyperactivation (intense world) or hypoactivation, or even inactivation, if altered.

Heat-shock proteins specifically react to stressful conditions, and many are chaperone proteins (which help guide protein folding and, thus protein function). They are up-regulated during stressful conditions, and given their roles in gene regulation and protein stabilization, it’s not hard to imagine the kinds of detrimental effects changes in these proteins could cause.

The fact that similar differences in similar genes in bees and humans…

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“It’s Okay To Be White?”


Apparently, It’s Okay To Be Delusional Too

I’m just trying to figure out when has it NOT been okay to be white? The premise for assertions white Americans are suffering oppression doesn’t exist. On average, white Americans continue to be the recipients of better income, personal wealth reserves, health, health care, housing, schools than any other ethnic group. White Americans also comprise 90% of the nation’s elected officials despite making up 61% of the total population. But this must be simply due to white people being better, smarter and more hard working than other groups of people? Some of this just couldn’t possibly be the result of institutional racism?

“It’s okay to be white” boils down to this:

White America’s growing anxiety about the browning of America, becoming a minority group and being treated as such is being seen as a real possibility at some point in the future.


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