BadApple Book | To Siri With Love: A Mother, Her Autistic Son, and The Kindness of Machines (aka #boycottthisshit)


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“To Siri With Love: A Mother, Her Autistic Son, And The Kindness of Machines” is a BadApple Book and on the Autistic #Boycott list.

The story written by a Neurotypical mother of an Autistic Son promotes values that are harmful, and not supportive of Autistics. Demeaning, dehumanizing language was used in this book, and the Autistic voices that were included — those were snatched and used without permission — or even notifying the Autistics folks about it being used.

In this book, Amythest Schaber, a well-loved Autistic Activist, was characterized by the author as a “manic pixie dream girl.” When Amythest shared her dislike — the author took her book marketing into Autistic Bashing.

The Author’s responses are a form of bullying | Paraphrased, it goes like: I mean, why could you ever take offense when I was doing such nice things for youand trying to help you reach even more people? Why don’t you like me after I say such good complimentary things about you? Fine, I won’t help you increase your audience and do magic fucking shit for you. — Right? So this is essentially the gaslighting/abusive-pattern response received from Judith Newman.

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Middle-finger to Judith Newman and her spread of stigma and hate for Autistics. Double middle-fingers to Harper for harming our community with their lack of compassion and bringing this book to print.

Always, everyone making a buck off Autistics while not helping us. At the same time bashing us for not sitting down, shutting up and letting them do all the talking, or in this case, writing.


Judith Newman & Harper: How much money are Autistics making you? None of it is seen by us. Thanks for the no-help smear book.

#BoycottThisShit or rather #BoycottToSiri

If you live near a book store selling copies, maybe slip a printout of the Autistic Union points in there with a statement, this book is boycotted by #TheAutisticUnion.

If I see it, I know I’m going to.  — Eve Reiland

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4 responses to “BadApple Book | To Siri With Love: A Mother, Her Autistic Son, and The Kindness of Machines (aka #boycottthisshit)”

  1. I have seen plenty written about this book and its author, none of it pleasant reading. I have noted her name and if I see it on the cover of a book I will immediately look elsewhere.

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