My Personal Blogging Tips (Or tips I have found helpful)

Rude Girl - Living in an Aspie World

Hi all!!!

How are all you lovely followers and viewers?!

For this weeks special post we will be taking a break from autism, and my life experiences to bring you some blogging tips that I thought might be helpful. Some are ideas of my own and others will be probably tips you have read or heard at least a hundred times, but new bloggers may find helpful. These tips will be a combination of both blogging tips for new bloggers, and other tips for any kind of blogger, but with my own unique spin on it. I will write this out in bullet point so A. It is easier to read. B. Organized because every blogger needs organization. C. You hopefully won’t lose interest. xD

Aspie Rude Girl’s personalized list of blogging tips:

Tips for new bloggers:

* When starting a blog try to think of a main goal or…

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